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Welcome to Wayan Tours by Wayan Susana (Apple)

"The Ultimate tourist Guide to Bali"
Meet Wayan 'Apple', your private tour guide and host to the tradition and culture of rural Bali, can organize large group customize in to my village and around Bali. Serving not simply as your guide and concierge but also your friend, Wayan combines a deep seated love for the Balinese way of life with his local knowledge and professional outlook to provide his client with an unrivaled and safe travel experience. With a desire to create unforgettable memories each guest will soon see Bali though his eyes and quickly fall in love with this beautiful Island.

Wayan 'Apple' is an active member of Legal Tourist Guide of Indonesia, Bali Chapter /Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI) or Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA)and World federation of tourist guide association. Born to a traditional Balinese way of life, Wayan'Apple' lives with his extended family in the small village of Pengaji, Payangan. Located on the north side of Ubud Village. Like many other traditional family groups, Wayan's ancestor have lived in the village for almost 600 years, and an unwavering love for the natural beauty and captivating traditions of Bali inspired him to share his country with visitor.
His introduction to the industry come when he opened his own shop and began to provide tourist information about the local villages; provided with an opportunity to improve his English speaking skills and becoming more proficient in communication, he was beset by a desire to share more of his Island. This naturally led to a career as a driver and a guide, and for the last 15 years he has been proud to introduce his guest to Bali's unique culture. Having spent his whole life living in the beautiful Balinese countryside, he knows where to find the magical, hidden parts of the island, and can introduce his guest to a side of Bali that few visitors get to see, creating memories to last a life time.

As Wayan always strives to go to extra mile for his guests, he can also provide shopping tours and shore excursion for cruise ship passenger; this exclusive tour has been designed to ensure that such passengers can discover the most interesting sites and have the best possible experience of Bali in the short time afforded to them.



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