Taman Burung is located on the border of Desa Singapadu and Desa Batubulan which is one of the biggest specialized animal safari in Indonesia, special in collecting various species of birds both local and from other countries. The area of Taman Burung covers two hectares with many aviaries which is constructed as close as possible with birds' original habitat both for terrestrial and on trees. There are hundred of bird species which are mostly endangered species such as the endemic Bali Starling bird, or known as Jalak Bali, Macaw from American continent, Cockatoo from Australia, African heron, the famous Tanzanian flamingo, Pelican, and many others. Local birds are Indonesian cockatoo with its shining feathers, Kasuari, black cockatoo, Hornbill, and Bird or Paradise with the most complete collection in the world which reaches 250 species of exotic birds. The park is not only bird with its' habitat that are interesting but also can be seen lizard such as the Komodo dragon with the background of water fall, lotus pond, water lily and others. Bird Park is very suitable for school children which is related to their subject of biology. The type of travelers visiting Bird Park are Local, Korea, Taiwanese, and Japanese. The location is very suitable to be inserted on an itinerary of sightseeing to Ubud. The Park also offers restaurant for snack, dinner or any meal arrangement for both individual or group.